The digital pedagogy team at the college promotes the integration of technology in the professional development of the lecturers and students in order to create an advanced and effective pedagogical experience. The aim of the unit is to support the academic staff of the college train educators and equip them with the skills and tools required for teaching in advanced-learning technology-integrated environments.

A variety of online systems are available to faculty and students including Moodle-based course sites; communication platforms to facilitate communication between lecturers and students; environments to display learning materials; online discussion groups; blog and Wiki tools; delivery tools for assignments-exercises-tests; 3-D simulation tools; a system for the delivery of synchronic, real-time lectures in interaction with students; a video recording system for classes and a video-conference system for collaboration with groups and individuals outside the college.

The college also offers the faculty and students a number of innovative learning spaces that include the use of mobile technologies. Online courses involving remote teaching are offered, enabling learning from home on a flexible schedule.

The college’s digital pedagogy team provides techno-pedagogic advice and consultation on the optimal integration of technologies in teaching and holds courses on computer applications in education.