Kibbutzim College’s vibrant campus reflects our unique worldview as an academic institution. Alongside the high-quality academic programs it offers for the professional training and development of a significant share of Israel’s school and kindergarten teachers, our campus also bustles with extensive educational and activist activities that are unique in tone and message. We believe – inspired by the words of the eminent American philosopher John Dewey – that education is not merely preparation for life, but life itself. That is why we invest energy to provide our students with a cutting-edge academic experience: one that is relevant to the current era and that will deepen their learning and serve as a role model for them as future educators.
With an eye to achieving this challenging goal, we are working on bringing about a fundamental change in teaching and learning processes, and in the development of creative practices alongside unique spaces that serve as innovative venues for students’ activities and experiences.

For example:

  • The Entrepreneurship Center serves as a professional incubator to empower the educational and social initiatives of the college faculty and students.
  • The Center for Empathy in Education and Society works to promote meaningful relationships based on attentiveness, valuing the perspective of others and building trust between people.
  • The MAHUT Center for Empowerment and Insight enables students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders to fulfill their intellectual and personal potential and express their unique talents by contributing to the field of education.

These examples, which reflect just a small part of what our campus has to offer, illustrate the added value of the Kibbutzim College as an academic institution that aspires to integrate academic studies with the development of intellectual, personal and interpersonal life skills.