As one of the largest and leading colleges of education in Israel, Kibbutzim College strives to provide all its students with a high-quality curriculum, the finest lecturers and a unique, vibrant and diverse atmosphere to encourage the students to grow into excellent, independent and influential educators.

At Kibbutzim College, we do all we can to really get to know our students and to empower them, so that they can build their own unique identity and realize their full potential.

Look around at our society. I’m sure that you – like me – are convinced that we cannot remain silent and look away from what we see. Indifference is not an option for educators. Israeli society needs high-quality, responsible and insightful educational leadership.

We are counting on our students, who are young Israeli women and men who have chosen the path of education. For our part, we will do our best to bring out the best in each and every one of them – their talents, humanity and leadership along with the initiative to make a difference. This is our mission. We will provide them with the tools and opportunities to grow and develop into complete individuals and professionals.

I am confident that our students will have a meaningful and challenging learning experience in which they can thrive and advance. My hope is that they will find that the college provides them with an excellent education, and with values and compassion – which is our aspiration.