Faculty of Arts

“The role of the artist is not to tell what was in reality but what might have been”


Art Gallery – Arts Campus

To query, explore, imagine, dream, doubt, create, disassemble and reconfigure…

These are the skills that members of the younger generation in the 21st century need in order to succeed in an ever-changing world. These are also the skills taught in the Faculty of Arts in its five fields: theater, dance, plastic arts, design, communications and cinema.

The Faculty of the Arts at Kibbutzim College of Education is one of the largest and most distinctive in Israel, dealing with the integration of the arts, education and teaching.. The faculty’s programs are characterized by a multidisciplinary approach and a social agenda.

The faculty offers a variety of programs and specializations in undergraduate, graduate, diploma and academic programs. It includes amongst the staff some of the finest artists, academics and professionals in their fields. The creative atmosphere, personal mentoring and pedagogic and technological innovations provide our students with everything they need as they start out on the artistic path they have chosen.

The faculty is active on two campuses: the central campus and the Arts campus located in the college’s complex in northern Tel Aviv. Both campuses offer inspirational, creative spaces that enable direct experience in a wide variety of traditional and innovative creative means, technologies and digital media. The study workshops are held in television and radio studios and an art and sculpture studio, 3D-design workshops and in some of the most sophisticated multimedia and video-editing rooms available in Israel.