English Tutors Course

Elementary School: Emergent Literacy, Beginning of Reading and Writing

This course prepares students to teach reading and writing of English as a Foreign language. To know, understand and implement principles, theories and methodologies of reading and writing.  To be familiar with different text types, genres and styles and use them effectively in the English lessons. Learn about reading strategies and be able to implement them in heterogeneous classes.

Grammar and Pedagogical Grammar
(Elementary School, JH School and High School)

This is a course designed to provide students with a sound, comprehensive knowledge of the terminology and conventions of traditional English grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Beginning with tenses, it covers all the aspects of traditional grammar that the EFL teacher may encounter in teaching language skills for Israeli pupils. The place of Grammar and how to teach grammar in the English lesson will be discussed. It will focus on teaching Grammar as a means of communication.

Junior – High and High School Methodology

This course provides students with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in pedagogy and methodology of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) to Israeli learners. The focus will be given to topics suitable for Junior-High school levels. Students will be encouraged to view learning and teaching critically.

Teaching English to pupils with learning disabilities

This course provides students with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in teaching English to learners with difficulties: Visual, Auditory and other impairments, ADD and ADHD, and the particular methods used for teaching English to such learners.