School for Advanced Studies

We offer a wide range of certificate programs for the personal and professional development of educators, therapists, administrators, group facilitators and other professionals.
All the programs are directed by experienced professionals and are based on the fertile interaction between theory and practice.

We offer a learning experience that is enriching and edifying on both the professional and personal levels.
Our school offers five study centers, as follow:

  • Center for Parenting, Group Facilitation and Early Childhood
  • The Center for Professional Development and In-service Courses
  • The Center for Therapy Studies
  • The Center for Special Populations
  • The Arts and Media Center

Center for Parenting, Group Facilitation and Early Childhood

“The process is more important than the realization, the path is sweeter than the destination, inner feeling is what determines the nature of things and shapes reality”. | Chinese Sage

The Center for Parenting and Family, Group Facilitation, and Coaching applies a humanistic approach that focuses on the students, their personal and professional skills and their desire to learn and develop into relevant and influencing professionals who can lead groups and individuals.

The Center trains people in group facilitation and work with individuals on parenting, family and personal and professional guidance within the community through group work and individual counseling, and via diverse process-oriented specializations.

The Center deals with parents and parenting throughout the life cycle, facilitating groups with organizations and coaching personal work according to a vision and goals. The Center offers a cluster of training programs for early childhood professionals (birth to 6 yrs) with a broad perspective of community and family.

The Center also deals with community involvement in education health, and society, combining studies and practical work.

The Center for Professional Development and In-service Courses

Education and teaching in the 21st century is complex, demanding a diverse range of skills and knowledge.

In order to promote educational work processes and help educators attain their goals, we have developed a range of in-service courses for teachers as well as diploma studies for people involved in the fields of education, society and community, and those interested in specializations. These programs are designed for personal and professional development with educational, social and values-oriented perspectives. They seek to mold graduates who are expert in their field, with up-to-date pedagogical knowledge that will enhance their educational work, advance pupil achievement, and improve school climate.

We believe that teachers must have both theoretical and practical knowledge in their chosen discipline and must continue their personal growth, broadening their horizons and building a social-moral worldview as essential components of their professional development throughout their careers.

The programs are taught by members of the College staff who are at the forefront of academia and research both in Israel and overseas, together with outside people who are leaders in the field. This combination caters successfully to the integration of research and practical experience, guaranteeing meaningful learning processes.

The Unit for Professional Development customizes its work to suit specific schools and educational organizations, creating in-service courses, training and focused study seminars accordingly.

English Tutors Course

The Center for Therapy Studies

The process of therapy training is lengthy and challenging, bringing the students face to face with profound personal and professional experiences. It is a hands-on, cognitive and emotional journey into the inner world of trainee therapists, aimed at helping them develop into empathetic, inclusive professionals who offer new horizons and hopes of a meaningful life for their patients.

The Center’s team of lecturers, instructors and counselors is of the highest academic level and therapeutic experience, and delivers professional knowledge through meaningful and empowering learning. There are study programs for both practicing professionals and those wishing to enter the field of therapy.

Fields of training include: psychotherapy and existential consulting, gardening therapy, horse-riding therapy, field therapy, pet therapy, dog training and medical clowning.

Continuing education for practicing therapists is available in: Jungian analytical psychotherapy, child and youth psychotherapy, sand play therapy and dyadic therapy.

Completion courses for therapist training courses and M.A.A.T: introductory courses in psychology and arts studies required as prerequisites for admission to some of the programs. These courses are also open to the people not necessarily seeking formal training as therapists.

The Center offers a variety of in-service courses given by our top lecturers and delivered in the workplace.

The Center for Special Populations

This Center, which is part of the School for Diploma Studies, was established out of a sense of mission: to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by promoting access to studies, training and employment for a full and meaningful life.
The Center caters to two target audiences. The first is people with disabilities, and the second is for professionals working with special populations.

Accessibility-enhanced programs for people with disabilities
It is our belief that everyone is entitled to study as part of their personal and professional development. Our task is to have a range of study programs that are adapted to enable every man and woman so inclined to expand their knowledge, improve their skills and acquire expertise that enable integration into the workplace and into a full and enriching social life.

Our programs are at a high academic level and highly relevant to the real world. The principle that guides us is that it is not the disability that defines a person but rather his or her abilities and desires. For this reason, the admissions process for the various programs focuses on skills relevant to the field and social matching with the learner group.

The programs offered to people with disabilities are divided into three clusters:

  • Employment-oriented vocational training
  • Language, communication and technology skills
  • Enrichment studies

Programs for professionals working with people with disabilities
The study programs offered to professionals have been devised following careful examination of the needs in the field and in collaboration with leading bodies.

The Arts and Media Center

The Arts and Media Center at the School of Diploma Studies offers a variety of vocational training programs in various fields such as:

  • Theater: acting, set design, use of 3-D printers
  • Dance: ballet
  • Media: sports reporters and announcers

These programs are intended for two target audiences: professionals looking to expand their knowledge of their field and people without prior knowledge seeking training.

Studies combine theory and practical work to create high-quality, influential professionals who integrate seamlessly into the job market. Training areas are carefully selected to meet market needs. In addition, we emphasize our high academic level and maintain first class lecturers who provide and enriching and meaningful learning experience.