Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts

Our Vision

Kibbutzim College with its humanistic approach to training educators who take social and environmental responsibility strives to cultivate academic knowledge integrate arts into education, and strengthen democratic citizenship.

Our Mission

Kibbutzim College adheres to a set of social and moral values that underpin all its educational and social endeavors. It promotes equal opportunities for a life of existential wellbeing, personal liberty, cultural richness, civic partnership and self-actualization.  

kibbutzim college campus

About Us

Founded in 1939, Kibbutzim College is an initiative of Israel’s collective kibbutz movement to establish a training seminar for school and pre-school teachers. Its educational approach is based on teaching as an ensemble encompassing the school, the community and the natural world. 

 Today we are Israel’s largest academic college, with over 6,000 students each year in a variety of innovative study programs in the field of education. As we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we are proud to say that one out of every four educators in Israel is a Kibbutzim College graduate, among them several prizewinners for the outstanding quality of their educational and artistic work.

Our goal is to train broad-minded, values-oriented, and influential educators who will be able to bring meaningful innovative projects and reforms into the education system. 

The college offers a wide range of degrees and specializations for B.Ed and M.Ed degrees, as well as retraining of academics for teaching, and a selection of other training programs and continuing education courses.

The College believes in combining creativity and excellence with values of tolerance and mutual respect, and for many years has maintained its high standing in nationwide student union polls as one of the three most preferred academic institutions for the quality of its faculty and its treatment of students.  


Kibbutzim College is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the economic and cultural heartbeat of the country. Tel Aviv is cosmopolitan, young and vibrant, with plenty of leisure time options: theaters, museums, markets, cafיs and gourmet restaurants, not to mention, of course, its glorious beach and boardwalk.

Tel Aviv is also a UNESCO world heritage site thanks to its distinctive architecture which is being carefully preserved and restored – truly a city with something for everyone.

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