Faculty of Sciences

"The aim of education should be: People who excel in independence of thought and action – but nevertheless see serving the community as their primary task."
Albert Einstein

The Faculty of Sciences offers a variety of areas of study and curricula directed at developing a broad, interdisciplinary scientific mindset. These study programs impart deep knowledge and understanding as well as develop curiosity and thinking. They are academic in nature, but by combining the study of science with education and teaching, they also provide practical tools for the teaching of the various disciplines. 

The science studies resepct the content structure of each discipline, but at the same time there is an effort to highlight the multidisciplinary ad practical nature of the scientific and educational enterprise. Teaching methods and curricula are adapted to our 21st century era of technology, teaching that arouses curiosity, integrating hands-on learning that is relevant to the students’ lives.

The Faculty of Sciences offers a variety of majors for undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in sciences, mathematics, environmental studies and physical education, as well as retraining for teaching for academics.     

B.Ed. fields of study include: Secondary school biology; Sciences, Mathematics; Physical Education and Movement.
M.Ed. fields of study include: Environmental Studies; Math Education; Health and Physical Education.

Our challenging science studies bear a social-environmental orientation, providing students with advanced knowledge that enables understanding of the reciprocity between humans and their environment and the need for a healthy, active lifestyle.