The English Department

Program director: Dr. Beverley Topaz

Mission Statement
Our mission statement adheres to a humanistic approach to education and set of social and moral values that underpin all our educational activities. We strive to cultivate educators prepared for 21st century global challenges. We are committed to reflective and creative teaching, where current theories for teaching English as an international language serve as the basis for our teacher education program. We aim for the highest professional standards and emphasize the value of lifelong learning. Our graduates are encouraged to become strong advocates for their pupils and create socially just learning environments. We aim to produce graduates who thrive in diverse contexts by integrating theoretical foundations with practical experience. Our program, grounded in proven research and sound theory, prepares skilled, autonomous, resilient and empathetic educators.

Who we are
The English Department at Kibbutzim College of Education was established in 1986 and is located on the main campus. It is a well-established department and enjoys an excellent reputation. Our comprehensive and well-designed multi-age study program prepares students for the entire spectrum of the Israeli school system.

Academic Staff
The large teaching staff in the department is highly professional, research oriented and committed to common goals and values. Students work closely with caring pedagogical instructors and scholars whose research interests cover a variety of areas such as teacher education, language teaching and learning, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, theoretical linguistics, digital pedagogy, language policy, English literature, language testing, internationalization and English as a Medium of Instruction, mindfulness, shared citizenship, learning disabilities, translation, multicultural awareness, literacy and the teaching of writing.

Support services
Numerous services are provided to our students by amenable, accessible skilled experts in their field including the ICT unit, library staff and faculty secretariat. Pedagogical support is given by different centers such as the resource center, center for students with learning disabilities and the center for empathy. The Dean of Students assists students in need of counseling services and provides information regarding scholarships and financial aid.

English has ‘preferred subject’ status in the Israeli Ministry of Education. Students studying in the English Department towards a teaching certificate are eligible for a conditional, preferred scholarship issued by the Ministry of Education. There are also scholarships available for students in the honors program. For criteria for eligibility, please visit the Dean of Students website (in Hebrew).
For information regarding the Academic Retraining Program.

The B.Ed. study program
The purpose of this program is to train teachers of English for elementary and secondary school. The program consists of four years of study and graduates are awarded a bachelor’s degree (B.Ed.) and a teaching certificate for grades 3-10. The degree enables graduates to continue to master’s degree studies (M.A. or M.Ed.) in all institutions of higher education in Israel.
In addition to the academic degree and teaching certificate, graduates of the program earn two additional certificates:

  1.  Certification that they have studied 120 hours in The Translation and Editing Cluster
  2. Certification that they have studied 120 hours in The Learning Disabilities Cluster

Courses are held on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, throughout all the years of study.

The English program provides students with extensive knowledge of the English language, with particular emphasis on applied skills in both written and oral expression.
Throughout their studies, students receive vast exposure to the English language. All the specialization courses in literature, linguistics and methodology are taught in English.

Practical training is an essential component of the program from the first year of studies. Beginning in the first year and throughout the second and third years, students do practical training in schools under the close supervision of the pedagogical training staff. In keeping with the ethos and humanistic values of the college, our students are also required to participate in community service learning which is carried out in the second year. The curriculum for the fourth year of study includes a teaching apprenticeship, enabling students to earn a Ministry of Education teaching license.

Admission requirements
Candidates with a high matriculation average are not required to take the psychometric exam.
All candidates are required to pass the entrance examination and interview in the English Department, which assesses both the level of English oral and written proficiency as well as suitability for teaching.

For more information, contact registration:
Telephone: +972-3-6901200