Faculty of Education

"The proper way to educate people is by example"
Albert Einstein

The Faculty of Education is an academic-pedagogical body with a distinct educational agenda and conceptualized ethos that seeks to promote the pre-service training and continued professional development of educators in Israel. This Faculty offers:

  • Combined undergraduate and teaching certification studies in a B.Ed. degree;
  • M.Ed. and M.Teach study programs;
  • Retraining of academics for teaching;
  • B.Ed. completion for practicing teachers.  

Courses provide students with broad general and professional knowledge that enables them to become values-oriented teachers who can lead and initiate, and who are well-prepared for 21st century education. 

B.Ed. fields of study include: Early Childhood; Elementary School; Special Education and Social-Corporate Entrepreneurship Management.
M.Ed. fields of study include: Educational Technology; Education Management and Organization; Assessment; M.Teach.

The variety of programs offers up-to-date, challenging academic and education courses that serve the needs of both the education system and the community. Faculty staff members are entrusted to provide high-quality teaching of both theory and practice, accompanying the learning and development of the students throughout their training. The Faculty runs a Center of Empowerment and Insight (MAHUT) to assist students with learning disabilities in their studies and training. In addition, the Faculty runs an Avney Rosha course for school principals.

The Faculty’s agenda includes:

  • Promoting empathy as a way to cultivate meaningful relationships as a basis for shared life among all sectors of Israeli society, both within the education system and in the public sphere.
  • Nurturing reading and writing competencies as the infrastructure for general education and academic endeavor, with an emphasis of clarity and coherence, through the use of rich, accurate and normative language.
  • Involvement in the social and cultural aspects of educational reality.