Faculty of Arts

"It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance and meaning."
Henry James

The Faculty of Arts offers a broad spectrum of programs and specializations for both undergraduate and post graduate degrees. The curricula stress that link between people and the social-cultural-educational fabric within which they act, while maintaining updated professionalism and relevance. The Faculty is cultivating a new generation of artists, writers and educators who lead their fields. Faculty staff members are selected with great care from among the best in the country, offering students personal attention and a unique learning experience.

The Faculty of Arts is the place where a new generation of artists and educators who excel in their fields can grow, our programs offer unmediated experience of a wide variety of creative platforms that lead them along the continuum from tradition to modernity.

B.Ed. fields of study include: Design; Art; Theater; Dance; Cinema and Media.
M.Ed. field of study: Visual literacy.